Dental Fees

All new patients will require a full dental examination prior to treatment.

Prices of treatments may vary according to the number of surfaces needing restoration. Dr. Enright will advise you of this at your initial consultation.

Examination - inclusive of all relevant small intra-oral Xrays€70
Paediatric Examination - under 12 years of age€40
*PRSI: Enquire within
Emergency / Pain Appointment€80
Issue of Prescription€40
Small Xrays€40
OPG Xray€70
Scale and Polish€80
PRSI Exam (1 per year)FREE
PRSI Scale and Polish (1 per year)€15
Paediatric Cleaning - under 12 years of age€40
Periodontal Treatment - deep cleaningfrom €150 per quadrant
Extractions€150 - €350
Extraction of Lower Wisdom Teeth€250 - €350

Silver / Amalgam Filling€110 - €200
White / Composite Filling€120 - €300
Paediatric Fillingsfrom €95 - €150
Fissure Sealant€40 per tooth

Root Canal Treatment
Single - incisor tooth | front tooth€400 - €500
Double - premolar tooth€500 - €650
Molar€695 - €795

Porcelain Metal Jacket Crown€650 - €1500
All Porcelain Crown€650 - €1500
Veneer€600 - €900

Teeth Whitening
Whitening take-home trays - customised€275
Replacement Whitening gel€50

Chrome Cobalt Denturefrom €900 - €1500
Partial Acrylic Denturefrom €350
Full Upper Denturefrom €600

Cosmetic Treatments
Smile Makeover - depends on how many teeth are restored | whether crowns or veneers are usedPlease enquire

Fee Payment

Please note fees may vary according to complexity of treatment. Treatment must be paid for in full on the day of completion of treatment. For treatments involving lab fees (crowns, veneers, bridges etc.), half of the total fee must be paid at the impression stage. This is practice policy. Failure to attend appointments may result in a non-attendance fee.