Facial Aesthetics Fees

All new patients will require a full examination prior to treatment. For a limited time only, we are offering patients a Complimentary Consultation for a limited time only. Call the practice now on 01 495 2523 to book your consultation.

One Facial Areae.g. Crow’s Feet
Two Facial Areas e.g. Forehead and Frown Lines (With/without Brow Lift)
Three Facial AreasForehead, Frown and Crow’s Feet
Armpit Perspiration (excessive sweating)
Additional injection sites (each)

Download our Facial Aesthetics brochure by clicking here WoodstownFacialAestheticsBrochure

Fee Payment

Treatment must be paid for in full on the day of completion of treatment. This is practice policy. Failure to attend appointments may result in a non-attendance fee.